Welsh Government Minister visits The Dusty Shed

Dusty Shed visit provides feedback to help Welsh Government’s Social Prescribing

Our Dusty Shed had a visit yesterday by Lynne Neagle MS, the Deputy Minister for Mental Health & Wellbeing for Welsh Government, who have announced their national framework for Social Prescribing. The visit was an opportunity for Shed members to visit provide feedback to help Welsh Government’s Social Prescribing.

Social prescribing, also sometimes called ‘community referral’, is a means of GPs and other health professionals, to refer people to a range of local community and voluntary sector activities, which will help people’s mental health and wellbeing.

Shed members were very happy to talk about their experiences, of loneliness and isolation, and how our Men’s Shed has help their wellbeing and mental health.

ITV News interviewed two of our members – read the ITV News article

– ‘National framework for social prescribing announced in bid to ease GP pressures’


More interviews with more members here – https://twitter.com/WelshGover…/status/1734258535213543915