Dusty Shedders donate hand and power tools to Tools with a Mission charity.

The Dusty Shed made a donation to the charity Tools with a Mission (TWAM), who’s aims are to collect unwanted but usable tools, clean up and refurbish them, sorts them into trade tool kits and sends them to the developing world for livelihood creation. Last year, they shipped 20 containers to Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

Our donation was organised by Peter, Dusty Shed volunteer, who says “I had previously heard about the organisation and know about the work they do. We had a good set of spare hand and powered tools and other equipment, and wanted them to be put to good use. I made contact with the organisation and they sent one of their regional volunteers, Andrew Kelland, to drop into the Dusty Shed to pick up the tools”.

Peter and Dusty Shed members are proud and delighted to support TWAM. Peter continued, “TWAM is a great idea. It means tools in good condition don’t go to land fill and helps people. I didn’t know about how they make ‘Tool Kits’, where tools are made into kits for specific trades people and uses. For example, theirs a Sewing Kit, which has been used for people to make their own school uniforms”.

Dusty Shed members commented that TWAM is a brilliant idea, saving tools being thrown away, and to help a charity. They wish that more people, where they have a clear-out, save their tools and give them to this charity, enabling people in poorer countries to use their skills to make things they need and earn a living.

TWAM use a network of volunteers across England and Wales, to collect unwanted tools and take them to refurbishment centres in Rugby and Halstead, as well as independent workshops, that also includes Men’s Sheds. Working with six partner countries in Sub-Saharan Africa: Zambia, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Malawi, and DR Congo, TWAM works with registered charities to support individuals living in extreme poverty. They provide the donated tools and other resources they need to develop manual skills, sustainable careers, as well as feed their families every day.

TWAM have created a variety of Tool Kits, such as Sewing, Agricultural, Mechanics, Carpentry, Electrician, and more. If you want more information on all their kits and the type of tools they need, go to their Tool Kit page – https://www.twam.uk/toolkitcontents

You can read about the benefits and impact on changing the lives of both local people local volunteers in the UK and the people in Sub-Saharan Africa countries, by going to Stories of Livelihood Creation page – https://www.twam.uk/stories

TWAM also share’s the same local objectives with Men’s Shed UK and the Dusty Shed, in wanting to helping volunteers with mental health, reduce loneliness and isolation, and build confidence and personal growth. You can learn more about how TWAM and Men’s Shed UK have been working together in this video:

If you want to find out more about Men’s Sheds or about the Dusty Shed, please click the links below:

The Dusty Shed – https://thedustyshed.org.uk/
Men’s Shed UK – https://menssheds.org.uk/
Tools with a Mission – https://www.twam.uk/