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The first gallery shows a quick overview. Others below shows how it looked at the start and how the place was gradually transformed. Click on the image below, then use left and right arrows to navigate the gallery.

February 2015

This is from February 2015 when we first took over what was the betting office of the old Dusty Forge pub. At that time we were grateful just to have something we could make a start on but boy did it need some work.
First thing we found was asbestos in the floor tiles so everything came to a crashing halt before we had even begun!

August 2015

This is August 2015 when we had cleared most of the rubbish out and was around then that realized there was asbestos.

September 2015

Work underway by Willmott Dixon and their subcontractors after laying a new concrete floor thus dealing with the asbestos problem. All the wall fixings going in to allow new plasterboard to be fitted and the ceiling to be insulated and boarded up. Full steam ahead!

October 2015

The plasterers have done a great job in getting it back looking like a building. Still loads to do but what a difference!

November 2015

Following the plastering the whole building needed painting before the electrics and fittings were installed. We were fortunate to enlist the help of Green Watch from Ely Fire Station who did a great job painting the whole of the inside.

March 2016

With the walls painted it was then possible for the Willmott Dixon sub contractors to get the electrical wiring and trunking complete. Also there were some surplus kitchen units from 1 Century Square that we were able to have. Hence now we could think about fitting it out.

May 2016

Everything cleared out from the building so that the floor can be washed and cleaned prior to painting with workshop paint that was kindly donated by the Intellectual Property Office as was surplus to their needs.

June 2016

After sealing the floor a further 4 coats of paint added to ensure was going to last! An obvious need for skirting boards identified!