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For Sale

We have a variety of items for sale made by members of the Dusty Shed, many of which can be bespoke and custom made to order. Below are examples of what we can make and what is currently available. If interested please contact us through our Contact Us page, or call in at Ace and ask for the Dusty Shed.

  • Bird nesting boxes from £10 to £30 (untreated).
    Standard pen (wood or acrylic) £10.
  • Hard-wood pen £12.
  • Pen with dibber for use on phones and tablets – add £2.
  • Pen made from deer antler £20.
  • Special Sierra type pen/fountain pen/propelling pencil £25.
  • Pen rest £2.50.
  • Christmas trees £10 to £25 painted but no LED lights or decorations (can be provided at extra cost)